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From 31st of July until the 3rd of August the SSZ welcomes again the national Team of Sports Pistol and Air Pistol.

We were surprised as we saw that the new national coach Claudia Verdicchio-Krause was attended by the former national coach Bärbel Georgi, who supported her.

This time the 7 members passed a different program as usual.
Beside the regular training of 10m and 25m they tried Free Pistol - a small bore pistol discipline which has a range of 50m instead 25m - and a completely different kind of shooting - Archery.

While the one had experinces or the own equipment, the other needs some instructions, which was given by our staff member. But in the end some arrow found the golden circles and it was a new experience for the athlets.

We are glad to have this possibilities to support such a look over the edge and hope more training groups will use our different facilities in this way.

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