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The shooting sports center in Suhl was originally designed for Olympic disciplines only. But in order to offer hunters and large-caliber shooters a home as well, it has a closed stand on which large-caliber pistols and rifles can be shot.

The shooting range offers three lanes of 100m and three lanes of 25m and a small workshop primarily for gunsmiths.

The 25m lanes are in the front area of ​​the shooting range.
They are approved up to a maximum caliber of .50AE.
Conventional paper targets are used.

The 25m ranges

The shooting on conventional paper targets is particularly recommended for beginners. They offer the opportunity to practice shooting with the handgun as part of the hunting license training without having to start with the electronic target.

The 100m ranges

The 100m ranges are not only suitable for general training, but also for hunting training, for aiming rifles at different distances and for providing the necessary proof of shooting for hunting license holders.

There are tables available for hang up shooting, and for gunsmiths trestles and sticks.

The traction system makes it possible to position the target at different distances and to simulate different light situations via the lighting.

The 100m range is approved for ammunition up to 14000 joules.

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