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In addition to the skeet / clay target system, the running target system enables training on moving targets.
The SSZ offers the possibility to shoot running target on two 50m ranges.

The “boar stand” is located in the hunting area and is approved for all hunting calibers in Germany.
This means that, in addition to the sporty running target shooting with small caliber .22 rifles, you can also shoot with your own hunting rifle up to a maximum caliber of 9.3 × 62.

The target is started by remote control. The hits are filmed by cameras at the left and right end of the trench and the videostream is displayed on a monitor right next to the shooters position.
The controls allow shooting according to the rules of the hunting associations and the ISSF.

The running target ranges can be booked by individuals, groups of hunters, hunting associations or clubs and rifle associations

Feel free to contact us about availability and bookings. The responsible contact person at SSZ GmbH will be happy to answer your questions and make arrangements.