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The shooting sports centre Suhl offers several possibilities for shooting the 50m distances.

On the one hand, shooting is possible at the shooting range 50m, on the other hand at two facilities specially designed for the 50m disciplines.

The 50m outdoor facility is available for training from spring to autumn and during the winter months the 50m indoor facility is available.
For finals, the final stand can be used.

50m outdoor

The outdoor facility comprises 95 lanes, 80 of which are equipped with electronic SIUS systems.
Control monitors at each shooting stand provide a direct result display for the sportsman.
In the evaluation area, which is located between the spectator area and the shooters' line, there are several display monitors showing the results of 10 lanes each.
In addition to displaying the results at competitions, this enables several shooters to be observed and supervised at the same time during training.

The electronic facilities are used by the DSB and the TSB for training and for major national and international competitions. Examples include the ISSF Junior World Cup, DSB rankings and the Thuringian State Championships. Clubs can also use the electronic facilities.
The non-electronic facilities are often used for guest programmes and offer the possibility of trial training sessions. Clubs also train on these facilities.

50m indoor

The indoor facility is located in the Erich Krempel Hall.

18 lanes with electronic SIUS equipment are available for training during the winter months.

Due to the combination with the 10m facilities, use is limited to the winter months and a request for use is required in advance.

The final stand

The finals stand is available for the organisation of finals. The final stand is equipped with fully electronic SIUS systems and thus meets the current requirements of the ISSF.
It is designed so that finals can be shot in the 50m disciplines or the 10m disciplines.

There are monitors at each shooting stand so that athletes can see their current results. In the spectator area, large monitors ensure that spectators can follow the results live and cheer along.

Booking request

All stands can be requested by individuals or clubs as well as domestic and foreign shooters or shooting associations for training camps - taking into account competitions, the regular training dates and courses of the TSB or DSB - directly with us for dates. For booking enquiries please use this link, for questions and arrangements please contact the responsible contact person at SSZ GmbH.