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Supporting program of the SSZ GmbH Suhl for the Lange-Bahn-Lauf 2023

The SSZ offers a supporting program for participants, accompanying persons and visitors during the Lange-Bahn run on 16th April 2023(1).

You can use the form to apply for a programme(2) and register yourself.
Just select a time and discipline(3) and enter the Number into theprogramline.

If the form is filled in correctly, you will receive a binding confirmation and further information from us by eMail.

(1) Maximum 4 persons per discipline in the 45-minute time slot

(2) Special conditions apply for the event. Prices per person:
- Light shooting - free of charge
- Bow - 5€ per 15 minutes
- Air guns - 5€ per 10 shots
- Small caliber weapons - 10€ per 10 shots
- Large caliber pistol or revolver - 18€ per 10 shots
- Large caliber rifle (hunting rifle with scope at 100m) - 24€ per 5 shots

(3)Age limits are to be considered with the registration!
- Light and archery - NO age limitation
- Air rifle or pistol from 12 years accompanied by a parent or guardian
- Small caliber rifle, pistol or revolver
from 16 years
- Large caliber from 18 years
Incorrect information lead to exclusion from the booked program